Our tuition is $15,500 per season, it includes:

  • The most elite Player Performance staff assembled in postgraduate basketball  
  • Player Development Program (PDP), the first of its kind
  • State-of-the-art facilities
  • 1:1 Student to staff ratio
  • Cutting-edge technology with our Performance Management Dashboard
  • Multi-Channel Marketing Platform for the most advanced player promotion system available
  • All Located in the safest town in New York state

Thomas Academy is a unique and growing institution. We’ve worked hard to deliver a product like no other.


Price: The Thomas Academy desires to eliminate the burden of student debt from those that wish to attend. The cost of tuition is rising and many families are struggling to afford the price of higher education in America. Student debt is crippling many graduates, forcing many families to choose trade schools or the workforce right out of high school, over higher education, eliminating athletic opportunities to talented players. Much of the cost of a college education at major universities is undisclosed but most of the cost is going towards faculty. Here, we believe that the cost of education does not have to be a life-long sentencing of repayment and it’s about the success of our students, not lining the pocket of our faculty and staff. We make education affordable and offer tuition solutions to student athletes that may apply.


Quality: Everyone on staff at The Thomas Academy has the credentials and experience needed to uphold the goals of this organization. We have a diverse group of people who have studied hard in their field to acquire all of the knowledge necessary to excel in their program area. The resumes of our coaches and wellness staff show years of experience, working in the trenches and perfecting their craft over the years. They are dedicated to the profession, the organization and most importantly the student athletes they serve. Our programs were designed specifically for The Thomas Academy and have resulted in major success for our students. This organization prides itself on effectiveness and growth for all.


Innovation: Innovation is one of the keys to growth and progression. We embrace and nurture innovation and change and welcome new ideas that can enhance the outcome of students and services. Innovation at The Thomas Academy goes for our products and our services with the intent to advance every moving part, structure, process and person within this organization.

Service: Bigger isn’t always better. With a 1:1 student to staff ratio, it is evident in just those numbers that The Thomas Academy believes in the power of building relationships and treating students as individuals. We love our small class sizes because it allows our students to be treated with the care and attention they deserve. Larger schools are not able to always give that special attention to the needs and unique paths of each of their students. Having less students allows us to build a strong culture of family. Everyone knows everyone and we grow together as a unit. It is a lot easier to get to know one another when you are able to really focus on all of the people around you. We believe in the power of togetherness and love having people we can depend on and turn to.