One of the most important considerations for you to take is about Housing. We believe having the right housing as critical to a students’ experience at TA. Our view is that housing is about four core topics:

  • Safety
  • Comfort
  • Convenience
  • Recharging

If the housing does not satisfy the students’ needs and wants, it will likely impact his performance on the court the next day and for the weeks to come.

At TA we want this done correctly.Due to this, The TA has selected a local, nationally known realtor Natasha Witka of New West Properties to support the process of finding acceptable housing.We have taken this approach of having New West Properties guide the process of identifying housing because it is their core competency.What the TA is to basket ball training, Natasha is to real estate.

The TA will connect the student and/or their parents/guardians to Natasha to discuss your specific housing needs vs and your budget.Within the immediate area1 there is a range of options from single occupancy to group sharing of a three bedroom configuration.Condo’s are also an option.The TA strongly encourages use of Natasha to help you, but do not take our word for it.We encourage you to interview one or more of the real estate agents to make sure that there is a fit and chemistry between yourselves and the agency.

We recommend looking at sites such as Trulia to learn a bit about the area: (ZIP CODE 12534),

TA has no responsibility with regard to finding housing and resolving any housing issues that might arise.