Candidates interested іn applying fоr а scholarship from thе Academy muѕt certify by providing a copy of their diploma that thеу are High School Graduates from a US Department of Education Accredited High School. Our scholarship will be financial needs based.

Hоw tо Apply Fоr Scholarship

Attached is a Scholarship Application with a calendar of key dates such as when submissions are due. The decision of the Academy regarding the granting of the Scholarship is solely that of the Academy.    

Will Lunz Scholarship

The William Lunz Scholarship is an annually awarded academic scholarship in the amount of $350, given to selected students who attend the Thomas Academy. This scholarship honors William Lunz for his selflessness and strategic counsel that has been an integral part of keeping the Thomas Academy alive and well. Mr. Lunz work as a management consultant and business manager has made him a valuable asset, and this scholarship pays tribute to a man who wears many hats and has supported the Thomas Academy over the years.