Stodolski program for Thomas Academy

The Thomas Academy is proud to be implementing an exclusive training program created by former NBA strength coach, Nick Stodolski. This program was designed specifically for basketball players, to improve their speed and agility. This training program uses energy system development to ensure athletes are able to handle the stress of the game. ‘Smart development’ as Nick coins it is the idea that sometimes you need to work smarter, not harder to develop player’s abilities.

Nick is intended to individualize needs in every way possible without knowing each individual player. He understands that there is always a “why” and has developed this program to “appeal to that why.” This program was designed with the understanding that all players are different and the philosophy to treat each player like a prime resource. How in depth and how much can he offer them? Understanding all the pieces that make athletes reach their peak performance is what makes his program interesting and valuable.

The entire program encompasses everything from mobility, to speed and agility, technique work, conditioning and of course, answering ‘the why’.

Nick tells us that this program stays away from making blanketed plans to provide more focused plans that will improve something specific for each player. Results don’t lie and this program is one that the Thomas Academy loves.

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