Prep vs Post Grad

Prep vs Post Grad

What is a post-graduate year?

A post-graduate year (also called the gap) is the year after high school graduation, spent enrolled in an independent school.

Why do people choose post-graduate school?

Reasons vary from student to student but the post-graduate year is intended to give students an extra year to prepare for college without negatively affecting their eligibility.

How can a post-graduate year be beneficial?

If you’re trying to decide if post-graduate school is right for you, you might consider if you need an additional year of academic support, college-readiness and skill enhancement. Independent schools can help make your more a attractive candidate to college admissions by giving your additional course work to enhance your grade, improve your ability to study, organize and manage your time, and/or open the door for growth opportunities like interning, volunteering, working or simply maturing.

What’s the difference between prep schools and post-graduate schools?

Prep schools are often mistaken as post-graduate schools. While they are similar, as both are institutions intended to prepare students for college, prep schools are designed to replace grades by retaking high school level course work. Post-graduate schools provides rigorous coursework to high school graduates for an academic boost and provides the college experience The Thomas Academy’s post-graduate program offers student-athletes a unique opportunity to enhance their overall
academic and athletic skills.


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